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We believe diamonds are the purest jewel one can own. RP Lab grown diamonds with 30 years of experience in the business promises to provide quality services at the best prices. We have been supporting Jewelers from all over India for about 10 years now. We believe in making your experience smooth and satisfying. We assure you about the finest quality, our diamonds are handmade by workers in our factories, through the whole process every little detail is paid attention to, to provide you only the best diamonds and not less.

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Lab Grown vs Natural Diamond

Lab Gorwn Diamonds

Natural Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds grow through the same natural crystallisation process as mined diamonds, as well as share the same physical, chemical and optical properties.Mined Diamonds are diamonds that have grown inside earth through geological processes from a carbon source and extracted by excavating several tonnes of earth.

Chemical & Physical properties; Same as natural diamonds.

A Mineral composed of carbon hard and adamantine.

Price, 30-35% cheaper than mined diamonds.

Very Expensive, 1 carat solitaire priced approx 5 thousand USD upwards.

Less Environmentally polluting.

Depth Mining is not environment-friendly.

Why Lab Grown Diamond

Environment Friendly

Lab gorwn diamonds elimintae various hazards caused due to mining as the are grown in labs

Ethically Sourced

Lab gorwn diamonds are ethically sourced and generally dose not involve various human rights issues which are seen in mining fields.

Cost Effective

A lab gorwn diamond is much cost effective as compared to a natural diamond.